Friday, July 11, 2008

My first BLOG post

Since everyone else is BLOGGING about their foiler achievements, I thought I should too. First some history. Most people that know me keep asking what I have been sailing. Here is the list in no paricular order 


windmill(many firsts incl District Championship), thistle,fish class(many lasts and a few firsts),hobie 14,hobie 16,e scow, US 1(several 1sts etc),14'high performance experimental tri, 16' experimental cat,20' high performance experimental tri,TS 18(80+),Kona Kat (about 180) aeroSKIFF One, aeroSKIFF 2-X21-T(as we speak),worlds first production rc sailing multifoiler,worlds first rc monofoiler(as far as I know),worlds first production rc spinnaker boats,worlds first video piloted rc helicopter, 4 US patents including K Foil,"3D SAILING" trademark(sold),numerous other trademarks. Several new patents in various stages on foiler control systems.
Oh, yeah: learned much from Dr. Sam Bradfield and a book or two......

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