Tuesday, February 10, 2009

photos of the first prototype

You can't keep secrets for long. And before it hits the interweb, here it is ... the first production prototpe of the peoples foiler on its first test sail. With yours truly at the manual controls.

Just after this photo was taken, she got up and foiled for the first time, but the camera ran out of film.

This photo is on another test flight just prior to take off. At this point I was just about to engage the manual controls. It is a shame that the camera went flat just after this photo was taken.

On this photo you can clearly see the bouyancy pods working their magic and allowing a lot more power to be carried than a MOTH.

1 comment:

Bora Gulari said...

would you design my next boat, I think you can leave amac in the dust.

maybe even throw out my ratio offset mixing box that i have designed for manual control