Thursday, September 11, 2008

the ultimate kickass 2 person boat

Many have tried and are trying to convert existing two person dinghies to foilers but have you ever wondered what a two person foiler designed from scratch as a replacement for,say, the 49er might look like?

Here ya go:
LOA= 18'(5.49m)-no gantry
Hull Beam@ wl=1.6'(.49m)
Beam OA= 6'(1.8m-includes very small buoyancy pods)
Allup boat weight=154lb(70kg)
Nominal Crew Weight=320lb(145.5kg)(twin trapezes)
Sailing weight=474lb(215.5kg)
Sail Area=185 sq.ft(17.2sq.m)(main only-reefable rig)
W/SA=2.56(equal to or better than Moth,same vicinity as M4,I14(Lugg),Foiling 18)
SCP/total weight= 45%
SA/ws hullborne and foil borne greater than or equal to Moth
Retractable foils

Approx 50% of the hull/deck area of a 49er-less material-less cost
Approx 122lb(55.5 kg) less weight than 49er-less material-less cost
Approx. 44sq.ft less SA than 49er upwind. No Spin(light air code zero?)

---- With Manual controls and a retractable, sel-frighting K-Bulb, This boat could be MUCH faster than a 49er if carefully designed and engineered. And cost less.


julian said...

What a great idea.

I am adding foils to my 49er as we speak. I am also going to add an outboard motor for that extra bit of performance.

Please explain more about your k-bulb. It sounds like the future of keel boat design!

Fake Doug Lord said...


I am intrigued, what is this outboard motor of which you speak ?

You have missed the point though. This foiler will have ess material-less cost, less spinnaker and less sense that a 49er.