Sunday, October 5, 2008

They REALLY don't know what they're talking about!!

The Bradfield planing wand has been around 8 years longer than the bow wand( which was copied from the Bradfield system) and can be adjustable-with the ratio of wand movement to flap movement completely adjustable with variations of the system including a wand clutch, adjustable bungee tension AND adjustable bungee responce.

Also, "cam" like adjustment set ups that allow variable RATES of flap movement for a given wand movement-and more-all developed by the Bradfield team years ago. And things like simultaneous fore and aft flap movement with 100% mixing adjustability, manual/wand instant switchback, manual only fore and aft systems,athwhartship angled midship wand pivot axis are being developed now(among other very interesting technical tidbits you will hear about in a while).

1) from seahugger mode to flap neutral the wand tip moves 62.5% of its max travel
2) from flap neutral to max flap up the wand moves 37.5% of its max travel

That gives much finer flap control from 10 degress flap down to 2.5 degrees flap up with much quicker reaction above 2.5 degrees up-something that is required on the Rave since the foil pulls down as well as up and is symetrical set with a 2.5 degree positive angle of incidence to the static(design) waterline.

So, you see, it pays to think(or at least check out the facts rather than guess) before you speak........

And,oh yes: a high priority on jumping with 100% successful re-entry.

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