Friday, October 31, 2008

R Class foiler-the boat has foiled!

R Class foiler-the boat has foiled! Here are some numbers:

Hull weight 63lb(29kg) plus a min. of 20lb(9.1kg) for rig and foils(probably not possible at this weight)=83lb ready to sail(nice if you can do it!)

Sail Area upwind: 140 sq.ft.(13sq.m)

Hull beam at wl(ESTIMATE) 3'(.9m)results in a L/B ratio of 4.33/1

crew ESTIMATE=320lb.(145.5kg)

sailing weight=403lb(183.2kg)



This ratio would allow the boat to foil upwind but in marginal conditions /light air it probably would foil after the Moth,RS600FF,M4 and Foiling 18. To bring it to the 2.558 number of the Moth either SA would have to be increased to 158sq.ft(14.7 sq.m) or the weight would have to be reduced to 358lb.(162.7kg)-leaving a 275lb.(125kg) crew.

A probable negative factor that would suggest lowering the W/SA number further is the sloop rig
Another negative factor suggesting a lowering of the number even further is the relatively wide hull at the waterline(compared to the ideal).

This boat could foil well downwind even in light air-in heavy air downwind it would need a smaller much flatter spin.

It could foil upwind in all conditions a Moth with a 180lb crew could as is. But light air /marginal conditions performance would be improved if the negative factors above are addressed by less weight and/or more upwind SA.

If only it had pods, a sliding seat, manual control and dual midship wands.


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