Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kiting is kiting-sailing is not kiting-kiting is not sailing.

The magical 50 knots barrier fell as the outright sailing speed record fell twice in 24 hours at the Lüderitz Speed Challenge over the weekend, with French kitesurfer Alexandre CAIZERGUES recording the fastest speed of all at 50.57 knots, subject to ratification by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC). -

If a kiteboard is a boat then so is a waterski-absolutely ridiculous! A "boat" has to support it's load with buoyant lift at rest. But nothing can take away the kite guys accomplishment-so far(if ratified) it appears they hit 50 first-congratulations. But it is NOT a sailboat record-it is a kiteboard record.
And a kite is not a SAIL-it is a kite! In the same way an airplane is not a helicopter!

A kite can be moved independently of the"craft" it is powering to increase apparent wind enhancing power. A kite produces much more vertical lift than a sail. There is no "put-down" of kites or kiteboards in what I'm saying: it is a recognition that these two forms of harnessing wind power ARE different and should not be confused with each other in my humble opinion.

A kiteboard-carries one person only when moving -requires wind close to or higher than its top speed.
hydroptere-carries 11,000 lb of carbon + 8 people at 52knots in wind significantly less than its top speed.And it carries the same load at zero knots!

So I sent of an email and got this interesting reply from John Reed:
Dear Doug,

The categories which can make attempts on sailing speed records are decided
by ISAF.The WSSR has no responsibility to decide whether kites can claim
the outright record.


John Reed
Secretary to the WSSR Council
Guess I have to raise hell with ISAF. Right.... time for another email.

"I'm curious why ISAF considers kiteboarding to be "sailing" ? I think what the kiteboarders have done is phenominal but how can it be placed in the same category as a sailboat speed record?
No way is a kite a "sail"; no way is a kiteboard a boat.
So what is the rationale?
Sail Fast,Doug Lord"

If you have a board that is not a boat and a kite that is not a sail and yet you want to be able to claim a "sailing" speed record?! Listen, what kites have done is tremendous-but they are not "sailboats" and do not deserve a "sailing" record!!

Kiting is kiting-sailing is not kiting-kiting is not sailing. End of message.

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