Thursday, December 18, 2008

the Master of Multifoiler Design is back!

18' Multifoiler from Dr. Sam Bradfield, the Master of Multifoiler Design is back!

This time his boat has many new features including a new automatic altitude control system developed by the Hydrosail Team. Here are the specs:


- 18’ racing trimaran
- highly-maneuverable, except when it is not
- light and lean for speed with large flight window
- T-foils with automatic flight control systems, that are manually controlled
- Park benches
- High windage Mirabaud style pods hulls
- Jump-o-matic version will be available

The two main foils roughly split the load-which is way more than the weight of the boat.

This is a new project with technology only hinted at in a few other foiler prototypes. Bradfield has held the world speed record in the B class with a foiler of his own design and comes second only to me when it comes to foiler development experience.

He is fully capable of producing an astonishingly high performance foiler.

I've always believed a bi-foil monofoiler was better than a Rave in light to moderate air-but this new boat(as I understand it) will be very light with no wands. Based on my numbers, it will take off in the same wind a Moth will.

And will have the same advantage the Rave did in winds over 20.

Bradfield is pioneering a differential altitude control system for the Osprey that will be extraordinary....

I am sure that this will be a great commercial success, just like the rave, and the Hobi trifoiler and the Kona kat.

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