Sunday, December 28, 2008

turning on HUNDREDS of people

I don't understand. I offered Bora the chance of a life time chance to make a real difference in building interest in the Moth -and foiling-while still getting your chance to try to ridicule me in front of HUNDREDS of people!!

I find it incredible that he would turn it down.

In early March(I think) Tinho Dornellas will have his annual Windsurfing Midwinters at his location here at Kelly Park on the Banana River. I suggested he come here then and put on a demonstration for the hundreds of people( many kids) and I'll sail the Moth when he's done.

When here he can go visit, Mickey Mouse(only 50 miles), and the space center as well as having the great pleasure of turning on HUNDREDS of people at one location. And make a great contribution to foiling in the US as well.


Well Bora, are you in? You come down here and demonstrate the boat for the people and I'll still show you how to foil it!

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Bora Gulari said...

I would come for you fake doug lord!